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Cultural Tours

For several years I have had the pleasure of being a tour leader for the excellent travel company Kirker Holidays. I have led tours to Venice for opera and art, to Rome and the surrounding country for visits to the fabulous villas and gardens, to Pesaro for the renowned Rossini festival, to Florence, Lucca, Genoa and much more.

The tours are for, as they say, ‘The discerning traveller’ and guests stay in four star hotels with delicious meals and wonderful visits to be experienced.

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Art Talks

Since 2008 I have been working in association with Soho House in presenting a series of talks that usually take place in the form of conversations with artists, curators, directors, critics and journalists to discuss their upcoming shows, previous work or a potential project. It may be a well-known critic or commentator talking us through upcoming events such as Frieze London or The Venice Biennale. It’s like an informal ‘chat-show’ and the audience are encouraged to participate with questions and observations.

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September 28th

09.00 at Little House, Mayfair

I will be joined by the superb critic, broadcaster and commentator, Louisa Buck, who will give us a sneak preview of this year's edition of Frieze London. If you have ever gone there and felt completely overwhelmed by the sheer scale of it then Louisa's brilliant simplification and selection of highlights is not to be missed!

If you are a member then go through House Seven or simply email me at to guarantee a place at the table.







Tours coming up from September

Kirker Holidays

Genova - City of the Doges 5 - 10 September

The Villas & Gardens around Rome - 1 - 6 October

La Fenice & Venice 24 - 27 October

The Grandeur of Rome 29 October - 5 November

Lucca & the Lucchese hills 15 - 19 November

Stay connected

There will be more tours added to this list, but for more information and bookings go to

Or contact Lucy Ayling at Kirker Holidays on (+44) 020 7593 1899

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