Watch this space

With the Maggi Hambling event still reverberating I have a few weeks to get ready for a breakfast session with Gavin Turk which will begin at 9:30 on Friday May 12th at Little House, Mayfair. Email me (or to reserve a seat. Gavin's fantastic solo show at The Newport Street Gallery has just come down and was an absolute triumph. We shall be chatting about that show and what Gavin has got planned next.


Travels Abroad

I am developing the plans for my travels. The first two jaunts that I'd like to put into motion are a trip to Rome for three days (four nights), a visit to the Venice Biennale in September or October. Again, for three days, enough to see some of the shows and to have a lovely time.

If you are interested in these then email me. As soon as we have a quorum and a good idea of the best dates then we start booking. You buy your flights and hotels and then we meet and the tour begins, in both cases we would spend most of the day together with a relaxed break for lunch.

The Venice Course

After a fantastic and successful nine weeks together the dates for 2018 are now in place and we have been taking bookings already.